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Vanitas Clock No. 1 - Antique Frame 1/1

Vanitas Clock No. 1 - Antique Frame 1/1

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Frame is approximately 6 x 5 in

This piece consists of a silk print of "Vanitas I", with a matte protective coating. This print is nestled inside a restored antique clock frame from my personal collection. the frame has a  easel on the back, and is quite heavy. I recommend display on the table only as there is not naturally existing wall hanging fixture on back.

I have restored this frame lovingly, but as with all antiques, it may have small scratches or dings. Handle with care as you would any art piece, however, this work is ready to hang and does not need glass for display due to the protective coating.

This work is 1/1 and it's the only frame like it that I have. Sourced from my dear friend Roses and Rue Antiques.

Originally I intended to use it as a prop, but with the addition of this particular print, it morphed into a cheeky musing on the fleeting nature of life..... a timeless theme. (get it? it's a vanitas in a clock! haha)

Comes with authenticity card and is signed on the back by the artist. If you wish to have a personal message, please leave a note at checkout <3


This piece is based on a painting, Vanitas Still Life, by Jan Van Kessel the Elder, dating back to 1665/1670. What struck me about this painting was the sense of balance it evokes, both compositionally and thematically.

In the original painting, the objects featured include a skull and an hourglass with the sands running out. They are there to remind you that you will someday die. A crown of wheat perhaps references the harvest, another common end-of-life theme. Vanitas paintings were a cautionary tale against the vanities of earthly goods and pleasures.

All around this grim symbolism is life - pink flowers, various insects, and bubbles. It was such a fantastic contrast that I was instantly enamored. Instantly I felt that this painting represented the faithful duality I know within myself, and I wanted to create my own version, and so this piece was born. A work that is dedicated to any other person who feels the same as I do: like a beautiful spring bloom, planted in grave dirt.

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