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 Alyssa Thorne is an interdisciplinary artist & writer from the Pacific Northwest, creating vivid fantasy photographs, primarily in the still-life tradition. Recognized for her lush, dark imagery & exceptional set artistry, Alyssa is also known for worldbuilding beyond the lens with written companion lore in short story or essay format, each imbuing the associated visual art with a thoughtful and creative backstory. Subjects for Alyssa’s art range from retelling her lived experiences to original pieces of short fiction & subtle tributes for beloved works of film, television, and video/TTRPG games.

Borne from myriad interwoven mediums, each finished work faithfully represents an ephemeral vignette that was sketched, planned, constructed, and photographed over days to years. Alyssa’s works are a unique alchemy that combines skillfully crafted supporting structures, self-made props, florals, antiques, and other objects into an elaborate final set. They are always arranged on the physical plane and captured in-camera using practical effects, natural light manipulation, and clever set design.

Digital edits made post-shoot are rooted in traditional darkroom techniques, and there is no collaging or compositing in Alyssa’s personal work. This expansive, multi-layered process produces an unmistakable personal style and unique compositions juxtaposing the classical with the unconventional. Every photograph is a liminal doorway hidden inside the shadows of painterly chiaroscuro—an open portal waiting for a viewer to discover.

Alyssa is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, with the exception of a brief departure to the east coast, where she attended The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and Massachusetts College of Art & Design. She has had four exhibitions and published a sold-out photobook, "Autumn Eternal." In addition, several local and international publications, podcasts, and blogs have featured her work.

In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys reading Batman comics, playing D&D and video games, making cosplay, and spending time with her fiancé, daughter, and beloved rabbit, Laszlo.


Most works have an accompanying piece of writing. Alyssa is currently in the process of completing a book of collected work & words, so many have been pulled for editing.

Read all currently available writing HERE



World's Top Ten Still Life Photographers 2022 - One Eye Land

USA Rank #6

 Fine Art & Flowers: Bronze Winner -  "Flowers from the Underworld Part II"

 Fine Art & Flowers: Bronze Winner - " Life, Death, & Time"

 Fine Art & Flowers: Finalist - "Still Life With Dogwood"



At The Doorway of Dreaming - Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA 2023

In Bloom - Salon IvoryMill Creek, WA - 2023



Annual Holiday Miniature Art Show - Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA, 2022

Emerging Artist Corner - Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA, 2013

Polaroid Project - Floating World Comics,  Portland, OR. 2010

Girls Doing Girl Things - Worksound Gallery, Portland OR, 2009

Light Sensitive Material - Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR. 2009



Spring Issue - Procession Magazine, 2022

Autumn Eternal - Photo book, Alyssa Thorne 2020

Girls on Film Photo Book - Girls on Film 2013

Girls On Film Zine - Girls on Film 2011

Red/Hot Editorial - Sloane Magazine 2010



A Beguiling Lens: Alyssa Thorne’s Baroque-Inspired Still Life - Beautiful Bizarre, 2023

Artist Feature Interview - Moth & Myth, 2022

Alyssa Thorne: Still Life Storyteller - Halloween Art and Travel Podcast, 2022

Midnight Floriographer, Alyssa Thorne - Unquiet Things, 2021



The School of the Museum of Fine Art - Boston, MA

Massachusetts College of Art and Design - Boston, MA



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