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Alyssa Thorne

The Phone Wallpaper - At The Doorway Of Dreaming - Part I

The Phone Wallpaper - At The Doorway Of Dreaming - Part I

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Elevate your digital space with an exquisite fine art phone wallpaper that will captivate your senses and inspire your soul!

Turn your personal device into your own still life art gallery, with a visual symphony of colors, textures, and composition. The vibrant hues and rich textures of these pieces are displayed in such high definition, you can all but smell the sweet fragrance, and touch the velvety petals of the flowers.

The beauty of this wallpaper extends well beyond its visual appeal. It is an investment in the aesthetic enrichment of your life, and the tranquility of your home or workspace, all for less than a single latte. We often focus on beautifying our walls, but including our most frequently used devices in our décor plans ensures every space in our lives can serve as a source of inspiration, contemplation, and as a reminder to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and find beauty in the everyday objects that surround you.

This is a universal size, and the file is large enough to be cropped or zoomed to fit most any phone.

You will be able to download once purchased. If there are any issues with download please contact

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