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Store Policies

If you have any questions about my policies, your order, or shipping times/dates that CANNOT be answered by the information below, please reach out to me directly via THIS FORM to send me an email.

When will you ship my order?

Shipping times vary: I am a one person shop, and I ship once a week on Fridays. Almost everything is made to order for you, including prints. Shipping can take 1-3 weeks depending on the item, but I aim to ship as fast as I possibly can. Please note the following items will come to you directly from the manufacturer and I have no control over their shipping times:

- phone cases, masks, scarves, puzzles, journals.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for those to arrive separately from anything else you may have ordered from me. You should get a separate tracking from the manufacturer.

Please note that Pre-Orders always take some time to come in and you will receive a notification once they ship. Expected times would be listed on the pre-order page. ANY ORDER containing a pre-order item will not be shipped until the pre-order item is received by me. If you would like items to ship separately, please place two orders.

I didn't get a tracking number and it's been three weeks - what do I do?

Please check your spam, and then email me and I will be happy to resend the tracking if you don’t see it!

My order says it was delivered and I don't have it?

If your order says it was delivered and you do not have it, please wait a day as USPS often marks items delivered a day early. If you still do not have it, file your claim with route if you chose protection at checkout.

Customers can add Route shipping protection at checkout to insure their packages against mis-delivery, theft, damage and more. This service is very easy to use and very low cost! I recommend this, especially if your order is large.  I use this service as a consumer wherever I see it available. I choose to use this instead of the USPS insurance system as it is nearly impossible to get the USPS to reimburse for a claim, and with route it is very easy.

If you choose not to use Route, your order will not be insured and I am not liable if it is lost or mis-delivered. 

My order is incorrect or is damaged 

Returns, exchanges or refunds are only given in the event of a fulfillment error on my end. Please know I am an extremely small shop (of just one person!) and I am just not able to accommodate returns, exchanges, or refunds for any other reason than my packing errors at this time.

I pack everything very carefully to avoid damages, and inspect everything outgoing. I can assure you your items leave my hands in pristine condition. Any damages are the fault of the carrier. If you chose Route shipping protection, you can email me to hold, reorder, or re-list your item so you can order a replacement once they reimburse you for your damage.

If you received the wrong item it was a mistake during fulfillment, and I would be happy to make it right. Just send an email with your order number and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but it is your responsibility to look up your country’s incoming mail situation with COVID-19. I cannot calculate shipping for you, please go through the system with your order to see what shipping will be at the end.

In VERY rare cases, international packages have been held up to 4 months due to COVID-19. You are accepting that this is a risk if you order.