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About Me

Alyssa Thorne is a Fine Art Photographer and writer based out of Seattle WA, specializing in still life work. Her photographs juxtapose stunning visual elements and symbolism with heartfelt storytelling. Photographer and artist first, but always a writer at the core, nearly every piece contains a story or personal account with varied and intimate meanings. Alyssa is well known for the narrative qualities of her work, and these stories accompany every piece as an artful and vivid artist statement. Each piece is planned and constructed similar to sculpture, with a lush compositions that are always full of secrets to discover. Every photograph is a liminal doorway, an open portal to a different world inside painterly chiaroscuro.

Alyssa is currently working on her second book. An untitled marriage of her still life photography and writing. Her first sold-out publication, Autumn Eternal, contained a body of work aesthetically centered around the fall season and themes of ghosts, nature, and literature. In her spare time she dreams of opening a florist with a gallery inside.

Alyssa is available for select commercial work and commission, January- June. Please email alyssathornfineart at gmail dot com with inquiries.

You can read recent interviews with Alyssa about her life and process at Unquiet Things, and Moth & Myth



Current Artist Statement

Still life: Meanings hidden, shown, and yet to be discovered. I want to show that an entire world can lie in a bowl of fruit, or even a vase of flowers. I hold still life sacred.  It serves as a means to truly shape an image, rather than simply take a picture of what already exists. I do not just document, I conduct. I orchestrate small universes, existing among the petals and juice of spilled fruits. I find the cosmos in a single flower. I heal my wounds with dirt-caked hands, using tiny symbols as small as an apple seed. Melding parts into a whole, I create an ephemeral waypoint before the items depart to my dinner table, shelves, or back to the earth. Classical vanitas, memento mori, floral still lives – all within the dark world of my table.

With simple tools and familiar objects, I spin tales of how death has touched my life, share stories of where I come from, echo songs taught to me by the forests and hills of the land. I create from myths, folktales, and literature. I create beauty for beauty’s sake – to escape out of reality into a lush and vibrant place, bursting with life, possibility, and love. Birthing art into a cold and hard world, with no other motivation than to show beauty and connection to lost souls, is an act of rebellion. Women have been historically scorned for lack of substance when creating conventionally beautiful work. I reject this notion and weaponize it. Beauty is power. It can cut through monotony like a jeweled sword - and I intend to wield it as long as I can.






  • PCC Sylvania Annual Juried Women’s Art Show, 1st Place Recipient, September 2009
  • “Girls Doing Girl Things” Group Show. Workaround Gallery, Portland OR, November 2009
  • “Light Sensitive Material” Group Show. Launch Pad Gallery, Portland OR. December 2009
  • Polaroid Project Group Show. Floating World Comics, Portland OR. July 2010
  • No Thoughts Magazine Group Show. Panopticon Gallery, Boston Massachusetts. December 2013 - January 2014


  • Sloane Magazine. Red/Hot Editorial. Summer 2010
  • Girls On Film Zine. Contributor to Summer 2011 Issue
  • Girls on Film Photo Book, Contributor Vol. 1 - July 2013
  • No Thoughts Magazine, Contributor. Issues 2-8. 2010 – 2013
  • Solo photobook “Autumn Eternal” 2020- 2021
  • Procession Magazine, interview and artist feature, Spring 2022 (upcoming)


  • Interview with Unquiet Things blog, 2021
  • Interview with Moth & Myth blog, 2022
  • Boston Globe Style Interview, 2013


  • Portland Community College, 2006-2008
  • The School for the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, 2009-2011
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2011-2013


  • North View Gallery – Gallery assistant. Portland OR, 2008
  • Sugar Gallery – Co-owner, curator. Portland OR, 2008-2009
  • No Thoughts Magazine - Co-Owner, Editor, Contributor. 2010-2013