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The Space Between - Giclée Art Prints

The Space Between - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement


The space between Christmas week and New Years always feels like a liminal space to me. Floating in time, an island all its own. Work is always quiet, plans are being made to make merry, but beyond the hazy veil of New Year’s Day, lies the unknown.

This time feels like it either goes on forever or is gone in the blink of an eye, and either way on January 1st we are left standing on the precipice. A doorway. Looking down into the cavernous dark, knowing we have to jump in, no matter what awaits us. Storms or sunshine, beauty or terror.

I used to be afraid of what the future held. Now, I will step into the air, safe in the knowledge that in the darkness below, a new year is simply a forest of secrets to explore, and I am lucky to be alive to see them revealed.



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