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The Smoke - Giclée Art Prints

The Smoke - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement

Burnt out.

That’s probably how any artist online will tell you they are feeling right now. The game of social media is tough, and demands constant attention, constant input.

Art is not meant to be mass produced. We are all creating at breakneck speed just to stay relevant for applications where people spend 2 seconds looking at our work, only to scroll to the next. It all feels so disposable and it’s hard to maintain any self worth as an artist in this landscape. We can’t make the best work possible when we are basically squeezing the tube for what little drop of inspiration we have left, to appease algorithms and AI.


Once the flame is out, we tend to rest, and the flowers of creativity start to grow once again. Ready to relight, we return to the grind and hope that the ups and downs of the internet won't try to blow out the candle again.



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