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The Rite of Spring - Giclée Art Prints

The Rite of Spring - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement

I love winter, but I always look forward to the spring thaw and everything bursting back into life around me. Spring and summer are when I have the best assortment of florals to choose from and I can get a lot locally.

I can’t wait to stroll down to the market to get flowers on a sunny spring day just after it rains. The smell of petrichor, the droplets glimmering on every leaf and petal. Makes me feel like everything is right with the world.

Spring is life-giving rain showers, walks in the park, pastel roses, reading in the park, shedding our heavy coats for sweaters, hot croissants and coffee on a patio somewhere, the birds returning to sing in my trees, and falling in love with the world again.

For this piece, I went to the market, closed my eyes, and imagined it was spring already. I chose my blooms, headed home, and began to arrange this to the sounds of “The Rite Of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky. This has long been a favorite piece of music, but honestly I rarely play music while I work, so I’ve never let my work be guided by it. I let the music shape this piece. The totality of the score is honestly insane. It careens between beautiful, sparkling melodies, to crashing, booming, frantic messes of sound. I love it a lot.

I arranged, I rearranged, I removed, I added, I made it perfect, I messed it up. I ended up with something I felt was representative of my listening experience. Beautiful, lyrical, a little dissonant and dark. Full of magic and musicality. 




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