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The Passage - Giclée Art Prints

The Passage - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement

A story about doors.

When I was a child, I imagined a lot of doorways to different worlds. Different places and times. Each unique, and beautiful. Little me spent a lot of time alone, reading, drawing, daydreaming.

My father died when I was 7, and after, I struggled to keep my head in the real world. I had received a notepad from someone a few years after his untimely death. I don’t remember who gave it to me, and it was a very odd shape, like an arched door. I immediately saw the possibility of this book.

I began to draw my my doors. Castles, jungles, faraway planets. My imagination was full of hundreds of fantasy novels already, but I never drew Middle Earth or Narnia. These places were all mine, a tiny escape hatch for me, and me alone.

When I felt scared, alone, or sad, I would simply open the book and pick a place to visit. I would close my eyes and imagine I was there. It was so comforting and calming to know that my worlds were always there waiting for me.

As I got older I lost the book, but I still imagined the doors. Sometimes they weren’t even fantastical imaginings, but simply better futures that I used to motivate myself to change my life. Portals to possibility. I still visualize them constantly.

I imagined the door that took me to art school. I imagined the door out of an abusive relationship. I imagined the door to my creative career. I stepped through all of them and never looked back to see if the entrance I came from was closed. I knew more would open.

Every piece I make is a doorway as well. An idea once hidden behind lock and key in my mind. Every day, I walk the hallways, holding a ring with many keys, looking for the right one to open.

When I still had the book, my favorite door to visit was a field full of wildflowers and greenery. A snow capped mountain in the distance. The flora was so lush, it had creeped out of the frame in my drawing. I decided it was time to recreate it in a photograph.


The window is from @starstrungmanor and I am so very honored to be able to use items made by the hands of my friends in such a personal piece 🤍



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