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Alyssa Thorne

The Luxe Art Card - Flowers From The Underworld Pt II

The Luxe Art Card - Flowers From The Underworld Pt II

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  • 5’ x 7”
  • 4 layer ultrathick card
  • Uncoated & Textured watercolor finish 
  • Archival quality Mohawk Superfine matte paper
  • A 30% PCW (post consumer waste) paper created using wind power

Every postcard in this collection invites you to embark on a visual journey to new worlds full of vibrant colors, delicate textures, and harmonious compositions. Printed on high-quality cardstock, the vibrant colors and intricate details are faithfully reproduced, ensuring that each recipient can experience the artistry and magic of my original still life compositions. 

Experience the joy of sending and receiving art! 

They are not just postcards; they are vessels of inspiration, connection, and the artful celebration of human connection. Send them to friends and loved ones to share a touch of elegance and inspiration. Let the imagery on each postcard spark conversations, convey heartfelt messages, or simply bring a smile to someone's face. 

In a world filled with digital communication, I aim to create these small treasures, to serve as physical reminders of beauty and artistry, each carrying a special significance and unique style. 

If you aren’t the letter-sending type, you can collect and display these postcards as miniature works of art. Frame them, arrange them on a wall with sticky tack, or create a gallery-inspired display on your desk, mantle, or bulletin board.

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