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The Ghost of You - Giclée Art Prints - EOY Sale

The Ghost of You - Giclée Art Prints - EOY Sale

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 Artist Statement:

I've always been fascinated with ghosts - imagery, lore, history. Especially sheet ghosts. When I was little I'd wear a sheet and shuffle around the house when no one was home or awake, pretending to be a wandering ghost. I was the kid that looked under my bed every night for monsters, not because they were scary, but because I wanted to see what they were like. Maybe even befriend one.

Sheet ghost imagery is so dear to me because of my younger days, playing around in blankets and making ominous noises as I roamed the halls. As an entity, the sheet ghost seems so nonthreatening. Forlorn, wistful, serene, shy instead of menacing or frightening. I imagine most ghosts to be like this. Lingering energy, bumbling around in the world, unsure how to leave. I find this so endearing, and it's reminiscent also of Halloween as child. A sweet, simple time full of candy and crunchy leaves. Comfort memories of childhood.

Ghosts will always feel like friends to me. The way that my ghost was posed, is intended to invite the viewer in further. To embark on an adventure through a misty autumnal wonderland, with a silent companion by your side.


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