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The Fortress - Giclée Art Prints

The Fortress - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

Lilacs blooming - one of the earliest harbingers of the spring season. A radiant, soft symbol of the joy of youth, love, and confidence.

White viburnum is for purity and innocence, new beginnings. Magenta lilac is indicative of passionate or unrestrained love. This I suppose, is my love story. A love for which I created this wall of blooms.

I have jolted out of a nightmare so many times this year. Hearing tragedy after tragedy on the news, scrolling on my little glowing rectangle with headlines shouting at me. It all has me laying in the dark, panicked, wishing I could put up a protective wall. A bubble. A fortress, around my daughter.

Loving her is the most pure and total feeling I have ever had. It’s the only thing I’ve been 100% sure of in my entire life. I did not plan on having children and I was so afraid to be a mother. I had no idea how I would learn to be one at all.

The second she was born, the fear fog disappeared as if by magic spell.  I held her to my chest and I knew a love so great it consumed everything I knew. I was no longer myself, alone. I became the larger half of a whole. The big, old oak towering over a tiny sapling, shielding it from storms, but letting the light and rain trickle through. Roots tangling together underground.

I can’t seal her away from the world in an idyllic grove. She has too much to give to this earth and too much to see in it. What I can give her is the invisible shield of my love. A flowering, impenetrable fortress of softness and strength. A secret bower where she can grow unharmed by the world, but still of it.

Lilacs of love, forever.



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