The Feral Gardener - Giclée Art Prints

The Feral Gardener - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

A while ago, when I was recovering from oral surgery, I was very sick and bedbound. The second I felt I could be upright, I took the get well flowers I had bought myself, and made this still life. All the while I was thinking about the intense need I have to do my work, so much so that I’m sitting there arranging blooms while recovering from surgery. It’s like a hunger that’s never satiated. It’s balm for my weathered heart.

I called this “The Feral Gardener”. I loved this title so much. I have been musing on what it means ever since. I think it describes what I do so well. I’m not really traditionally “gardening” per se, as I don’t have one due to apartment living, but I am gathering and constructing these little gardens in my photos. They are wild, overgrown, unruly. I don’t want to make perfect arrangements, that’s not me. I want it to flow, to ebb, to creep into your hearts and find a home.

My gardens are ephemeral and untamed, I am their feral gardener. The caretaker of botanical chaos. a seeker of fallen petals, imperfect leaves, and broken stems. A forager of dreams and feelings, transmuted through leaves and blooms. The gardens aren’t free of flaws, but neither am I.



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