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Summer's Last Breath - Giclée Art Prints

Summer's Last Breath - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

When I made this piece, I had been feeling sort of lost in the woods . Tired, sleepy - that end of summer slowdown where you feel like you’re moving in warm molasses. Some kind of fairytale dream sleep brought on by the dust motes floating in the golden rays that filter through the branches of nearby trees.

We forge ahead, and we know that around the bend of the hottest days of the year, is autumn. The promise of the crisp fall air returning. Leaves turning to a blaze of golden fire and crows starting their seasonal song outside my window.

Darker days and hot coffees. Back to school for so many. I’ll be at a bus stop before I know it, on any chilly morning, with steam swirling up from my mug. Seeing the world finally painted in moodier tones, as I send my child off with sharp brand new pencils, and her special new clothes.

The AC will be removed from the window, the shorts put away. We’ll resume the ability to don a sweater, the pants will make a blessed return in our closet. I look forward to these things every year. I also look forward to my work morphing into fall. I work seasonally and autumn is a bountiful time to be creating.

This piece is just a bit of summer’s last breath. It was made on the kind of scorching day where everything was wilting beautifully altogether, and I wanted to capture that feeling before it faded into nothing.



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