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Still Life with Dogwood - Giclée Art Prints

Still Life with Dogwood - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

These pink dogwood blossoms are among my favorite flowers, even though they come from a tree, and don’t sprout up alone in the soil like other flowers.

Besides being such a lovely color, they’re one of the first trees to bloom in springtime. A symbol of rebirth and hope. A reminder that something beautiful can emerge after a long, hard winter.

If I am to go anywhere on foot, I pass through a corridor of dogwood and holly, before a bridge that leads me to the road. Somehow they make me feel safe and welcomed on my walks. They’re familiar friends I’ve known in different places all my life. Standing guard, nodding in the wind to let me know things will be ok.

Being that dogwood are symbols of hope in many places in the world, I created this still life with the thought that we could all use some hope these days. I added some tiny butterflies, also a universal symbol of rebirth, transformation, hope, and change - flying to and fro between the petals. They felt like they belonged here.

I hope this work brings you peace, if only momentarily. 



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