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Spring Rhythm - Giclée Art Prints

Spring Rhythm - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

May is a month where everything is humming with life. The bees are buzzing in the bushes, the sun is beaming- even through the frequent Pacific Northwest rain showers.

Flowers are in bloom everywhere. Every leaf and petal swaying in the breeze, dancing to the rhythm of springtime. Everything ramps up slowly in March and April, and suddenly explodes into life in May.

It’s a sweet, golden month full of promises. In this time I always wish so much that I had a garden that was blooming. A backyard where I could grow the plants and flowers I want to choose for my work, instead of wandering the market in search of something they may never have.

I sit in my tiny apartment, looking out over my balcony at the world. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to afford have a backyard or a house. It pains my heart a little, but I remember that the world beyond where I sit is one big garden. There’s plenty out there for me to use in my works, even without coaxing the stems from the earth myself. So I walk to the market, I choose carefully, and I pick things growing next to the sidewalk on the way home.

All of that makes this, and even though I can’t grow them myself, I’m still proud of what new things I can create with them. ❤️


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