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Portal - Giclée Art Prints

Portal - Giclée Art Prints

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A high-quality print produced on thick, matte paper. 

The Giclée printing process results in stunning images, full of exquisite and luxurious detail. With seven dye-based inks (which offer a vast range of colors), this process retains even the finest elements of a given artwork. Since my photographs incorporate ample darkness and shadow, Giclée printing ensures that even the smallest details are captured, while offering a lower price point than an exhibition-quality fine art print. 

Giclee Prints are Archival - 100 years, 200 in dark storage.

Artist Statement 

I believe all artists exist in their own liminal space and the waking world at the same time. We slip in and out of our portals, traveling to our own internal universe where our art lives. Every one is unique, and only the creator has the key.

When we leave this place inside ourselves, we take with us the seedlings of our art, the beginnings of our work. We take it back to this temporal plane, and shape it with our hands, care for it, grow it. Turn it into something worth showing everyone else.

Art is an invitation. A peek inside that individual’s secret realm. Brief windows into lush kingdoms and sprawling forests, teeming with ideas.  You may never get to step through, but you can imagine what a visit would be like from seeing what they show you.

Some of us stumble into our portals sooner than others. Some may get locked out and have to find a new key to return. Others yet may find their doorway when they are about to give up hope that it exists.

I’m grateful that at 15 I discovered the portal into my own creative dimension through the viewfinder of a camera, and I have been visiting there daily to pick the pieces that are ready to bloom.

If you haven’t found your way yet, remember the door could be anywhere, and you just have to look.

This photo exists because I just wanted to make a love letter to the thing that’s kept me going for the past 19 years. This is the first film camera I bought as an adult. I still have and use it. The flower filled land of my personal mythology, colliding with the tool I use to illlustrate it  for others ❤️