Persephone's Descent - Giclée Art Prints

Persephone's Descent - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

As a child, I was as many others were - fascinated by mythology. Of course there are many versions, but in the one I read as a child, Zeus permits lovestruck Hades to spirit Persephone away to the underworld, knowing her mother would not allow it. Hades bursts up from the earth engulfed in flame, and takes Persephone down to the underworld again her will.

Her mother, Demeter, goddess of spring, permits nothing to grow whilst she is gone and there is outcry from hungry humans. The gods take heed and Hades is forced to return her, but only after he tricks her into eating pomegranate seeds, food from the underworld. She becomes bound to return each year, thus ushering in the winter months, and her arrival at the surface signals spring.

I felt for her as I too, have been in a forced relationship with darkness my whole life. From an early age, after my father passed, I experienced death close to me and felt its icy grasp around my neck. Death stole from me my joy, my light, my spring. As I read these tales, I pictured myself descending the stairs to the underworld, light fading with every step, the flowers wilting in my hair, butterflies turning back towards the surface. I saw how Persephone must have lamented her fate as she sat on her cold, dark throne. Her unwanted kingdom.

But, as with Persephone's story, I make a return to the light after every personal winter spent in hell, and when I think of this story, I am reminded that after the frost comes the bloom, and I persist. I continue to explore these feelings in my work regularly, and for me, doing so is my therapy, catharsis, healing.



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