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Oasis - Giclée Art Prints

Oasis - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement:

During a migraine episode, I try to think of a garden. A floral oasis blooming from the dark of my bed. Cool, refreshing, dewy. A beautiful place I can rest. It’s all I can do to keep my mind from delving into madness during the beginning of an episode. It is very lonely laying by myself in the dark.

When a migraine comes on I cannot do anything but lay in a dark room. No light, ice on my head, pleading with my body to end the pain. I get nausea with my migraines which often means not eating, throwing up, and feeling dizzy. Without medication they can hang on for a week. And medication often just dulls the pain, it won’t abate completely for days.

I have chronic daily migraine, which means I have them more than 15 days per month. Still, I push through and try to live my life. I’ve had them since I was small. I have gotten used to pushing the pain aside with the help of meds and just continuing on with life. I make lunches, give baths, pack orders, work my day job, all while I am often in a great deal of pain.

Migraine is the sixth most disabling disease in the world and is considered a neurological disorder. Somehow people think it is simply a headache and they don’t understand the level of pain and sickness migraine sufferers experience. It’s a physical and financial burden.

It’s hard not to feel alone when this is such an isolating condition, but it affects over 1 billion people worldwide. I hope someday there is a real cure for us. Until then, I have my flower dreams.



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