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Like a Moth To a Flame - Giclée Art Prints

Like a Moth To a Flame - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

This was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and create some artwork for a longtime internet friend, Lyndall Clipstone, for her new book Forestfall. who is extremely talented, kind, and has supported me as long as I have known her.

We discussed the book themes and ideas, and I came up with this concept. She very graciously accepted my bad planning sketch as a mockup, and away I went.

 When I was making it I really thought about the concept of a "like a moth to a flame" as a metaphor for the protagonist and the villain in the story. This phrase of course meaning that you are drawn in towards something that is bad for you, or will ultimately be your destruction.

I chose a very very black backdrop for this as I wanted it to be an all encompassing darkness for the world beyond the light. A pressing and complete shadow. The moth, a death’s head, is bypassing all these very earthly things in the journey to the flame, flowers and fruits, all things that are living and bright.

The darkness is closing in on the scene, swallowing everything at the corners, and she's being driven further towards the flame as the gloom falls further in. Pulled with an invisible tether towards the heat of the flame.


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