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Late Bloomer- Giclée Art Prints

Late Bloomer- Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

I saw these at the market, and shot them right away. They were the last ones left on the shelf. They were already bursted into full bloom and had been left behind because shoppers typically want more closed buds so that the bouquet will last longer.

A few of the buds were still closed and I separated them from the rest after the shoot. Soon, the most beautiful flower in all the bouquet opened up to the world and I thought about how sometimes, the last bud that opens is the most redolent and vibrant flower of all.

You can learn a lot about people from flowers. Humans blossom the same way. Some of us are the first to open our petals, and fade quickly. Some of us bloom along with the majority for a good long while. Some of us regrow every year like a perennial, blooming and withering back into our bulbs like a floral Phoenix that can endure many years.

If humans grow like flowers, I was always the very last bud. Held tight in my petal shell, afraid to come out and show my colors. It took time for me to be ready. I had to be given the right soil to sink my roots into, enough water to thrive, placed where I could see the sunlight. Finally I was ready to bloom, even though I was a shy flower and believed my show wouldn’t be much to see. I found that once I outstretched my petals to the world, somehow everyone else thought I was special. I started to believe it too, and flourished.

I spent most of my life as a shy, awkward girl with no self esteem, but as I mentioned in my birthday post, my 30s became my time to shine, or bloom. I became ready, and I found my purpose and my people.

If you are still hiding in your bud, waiting, that’s ok. Everyone has a time to unfurl, and yours will come when it’s meant to. Make sure to tend to your garden, and when it blooms, everyone will want to see it.



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