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Greenheart - Giclée Art Prints

Greenheart - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statemement

I love artichokes for their touching symbolism. I am a deep lover of symbols. If you’ve ever read my writing  before, you’ll know there are tiny messages hidden in every photograph.

I love them because I understand them. An artichoke has a tender heart, tucked away within layer upon layer of thick, scaled armor. Like a dragon with chlorophyll for blood. A bit like I have been before. I have a kind and gentle heart by nature, but years of hardship had built my armor up, covered it completely to let me heal. Sometimes this armor is necessary to protect us as we grow and change.

Artichokes are actually a thistle and not a vegetable. When left to bloom, they sprout beautiful, purple tasseled flowers. The part we sometimes eat, is really the bud of the flower before it blooms. The armor protects the heart, and as it grows, the flower swiftly cuts through the layers of leaves to show its transformation to the world.

It brings me peace now, to be able to display the softness that I had hidden for so long. Like the feathery plumage of an artichoke flower. standing proud in the sun.

Vulnerability is truly fearsome. We think if we bare our heart, someone will steal it away. So it is wise to protect yourself, but there is also always a time to let the armor fall away. Each heart is too beautiful to hide forever. ❤️


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