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Garden Party - Giclée Art Prints

Garden Party - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement

The thing I love most about sharing my art online, is the connection to you - my audience. I have made lasting friendships, met incredible people, and have been so honored that so many of you have chosen my art for your home.

Of course the internet has its setbacks, my work is frequently stolen and/or altered. This makes me think a lot about the ownership of art. If you’ve been here even a little awhile you know that my pieces are deeply personal, and I am so protective of them for this reason.

I make a lot of work inspired by my current interests, and things like books and art history. However, many of my pieces center around my experiences with grief, depression, love, loss, hope, and my personal life experiences. I have tethered myself so tightly to my work and have had a pervading fear that someone will misuse, misrepresent, or copy these things that are essentially, pieces of me.

But Art truly has no one owner. As Barbara Kruger famously stated, “Who owns what?” I have learned over time that I am not the warden of my work. I do not hold lock and key to keep it from harm. I am simply it’s creator, it’s parent. Like any child, I do my best with it and hope it will go into the world to share all I have taught it. I have done my part to shape the future of my work and it’s place in the world and the rest is up to fate.

This page is a bit like a garden party for all of my friends - all of you. And even though the possibility for disaster is always there, I will be sending invitations to this party until the day I breathe my last. Art isn’t meant to be hidden away, but celebrated, no matter what life throws in the way. Thank you for coming to this place day after day to seek it. ❤️


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