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Flowers from The Underworld Part II - Giclée Art Prints

Flowers from The Underworld Part II - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement:

This is a 2021 rework of the 2019 Flowers from the Underworld Part I. I have made a lot of work about Persephone, and for this I chose her most iconic symbol. The pomegranate. The six seeds on the front of the table represent those she ate which keep her in the underworld for six months of the year. The fruit is glistening, magical, full of promise. I imagine this is what it must have resembled for Hades to convince her to eat it.

This time in my art, I imagine many years have passed for Persephone. Countless trips down cold marble stairs into the echoing halls of Hades' palace. I have never cared for the romantic retellings of this myth, and to me, her descent is unwilling, filled with sadness at being torn away from the sunlight and her mother's love. Time heals all wounds, and each time would be easier than the last, more familiar. She would be more sure of her footing, her head held higher.

Eventually Persephone would regain herself, even in the midst of hell. Perhaps even in the dark, cold underworld, roses could start to grow. I think this is possible for all of us, that even in the midst of tragedy, sadness and hurt, hope will always remain, and flowers can grow anywhere if we care for them.

Working on still life is the rock I cling to when I feel out of control. When I'm sad, unsure, or upset. It is a small world in which I am in charge, acting as the conductor, spinning tales and making worlds. Mixed pieces become a whole under my hands. In this way, I too, grow flowers from my pain.


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