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Fatal Flaw - Giclée Art Prints

Fatal Flaw - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

This piece was inspired directly by Macbeth.

The symbolism here is quite overt. The skull and crown reference the fact Macbeth let his hunger for power run unchecked and ultimately it led to his death. He gave everything in pursuit of the crown and throne even if he was uncertain at times. He was pushed along by his even more ambitious and driven wife - Lady Macbeth. Hence the woman’s hand holding the skull. The book page ruff is something I used to do a lot and am considering using again.

I titled it "Fatal Flaw" -in reference to Macbeth's all consuming ambition - his tragic, fatal flaw. Ambition can be a good thing... but when left to run rampant, it can be deadly.

Do I believe ambition is a tragic flaw?

I do. I struggle with ambition myself. I have never had a particular need for fame and fortune for myself as a person, but as an artist, I want my work to be well known. Most artists do. As much as we love to create for ourselves, artwork was meant to be seen. I let my ambitions drive me into the ground some days. I work very hard and give myself little to no break because there is always something that must be done to reach my goals. I've sacrificed a lot in pursuit of them.

But sometimes I remember Macbeth and wonder if he would not have met his demise if he practiced a little self care and maybe chilled out a bit on the murder, and I relax a little.


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