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Eternal Sun - Giclée Art Prints

Eternal Sun - Giclée Art Prints

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A high-quality print produced on thick, matte paper. 

The Giclée printing process results in stunning images, full of exquisite and luxurious detail. With seven dye-based inks (which offer a vast range of colors), this process retains even the finest elements of a given artwork. Since my photographs incorporate ample darkness and shadow, Giclée printing ensures that even the smallest details are captured, while offering a lower price point than an exhibition-quality fine art print. 

Giclee Prints are Archival - 100 years, 200 in dark storage.

Artist Statement:

“Everything we see falls apart, vanishes. Nature is always the same, but nothing in her that appears to us, lasts. Our art must render the thrill of her permanence along with her elements, the appearance of all her changes. It must give us the taste of her eternity.”

⁃ Cezanne

I normally style my compositions more fully, almost to bursting in the frame. But I have been thinking a lot lately about Cezanne, master of many styles and subjects, including still life. His works hum with life, as if the apples on the table will fall off into your lap. This is not because they are overly realistic but because he imbued them with such emotion. Beautiful, imperfect color and movement. He once said “we are a rainbow of chaos” and his work reflects that statement .

He believed emotion and feeling were integral to the art process, the beginning and end. He thought the mechanics of painting were simply middling, necessary tasks rather than the entirety of the work. This is how I feel about my own art. The emotion I set out with, the tone, the story to tell - these are the most important parts because without them, what purpose do I have for photographing? The camera is simply a conduit for my idea.

As I had been thinking on Cezanne so much, I decided on this composition after his flower piece painted in 1900. My own dark homage. His colors were much more subdued than that of say, Van Gogh. Mine breaks it down further. The patterns falling away, leaning into shadow as I always do. But the motion and the life - it’s there. I hope that Cezanne would have liked my piece, but he was quite the critic.