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Efflorescence - Giclée Art Prints

Efflorescence - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement:

Trying to be organized is a dizzying affair.

I have always been forgetful. Not because I’m particularly careless, but because my mind just feels full to bursting at all times, and shoving another task or idea into it, seems impossible. I rely on lists and alarms, notes and calendars.

I have ADHD, and my thoughts never go single file. They bounce around, pinging off each other, trying to vie for position at the front of the queue. A brilliant idea for a piece of art may jump in front of the memory of an appointment, or my needing to wash the dishes. If I don’t write something down or set an alarm, it’s lost to the ebb and flow of my discordant brain.

I used to feel badly about this, but I don’t think I should apologize for the way my brain works. I always take care of the important things. Feed my child, go to work, brush my teeth. I function just fine.

But how am I supposed to remember everything else? My thoughts come tumbling out not in droplets, or like the flow of a peaceful river, but in torrents. A tidal wave, a monsoon, a tsunami. I write down ideas in a flurry, 10 at a time. I have a waterproof pad of paper in my shower, just in case.

Everything you see in my work started out as something blooming in my head. Each bud does not open slowly as an individual. It’s a vibrant garden, bursting forth in an instant. All I do is pick and arrange them before they wilt and fade away. 



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