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Duality - Giclée Art Prints

Duality - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

I’ve been asked so many times, why my work looks so dark, when I am not generally perceived as such, as a person. Everyone has facets. Most of mine that you can see, are rainbows, some sparkle brilliantly in the sun. But the underside of my jewel is blacker than obsidian, and reflects like a pool in the darkest part of the heart of the forest.

So, there are passages in my mind, torchlit and cobwebbed, where I go to retrieve the beginnings of my work. I am always grasping at shadows, trying to coax the buds of ideas into the light to bloom. The way my work looks is just the visual representation of the process I use to create. Dredging beautiful things out of the inky shade to show them to the world.

Beauty and terror. Life and death. Fairytales and nightmares. Everything in between. Duality is essential to my existence, and it is necessary for my work. I can be both the brightest sun and the blackest night in the same day.

So to those who say it is dark, it is. But it is also light. One cannot exist without the other, and I balance them every day.


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