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Dark Forest - Giclée Prints

Dark Forest - Giclée Prints

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Archival, museum-quality Giclée fine art prints

Giclée offers the most vivid level of print detail currently available and is ideally suited for framing. This is my preferred method of print, as my photos tend to be quite dark and even the finest of details can be captured.

Due to the luxurious, matte surface of the prints, they are not recommended for display without protection and are best suited for framing. Please handle carefully: Giclée prints are easily scratched due to their delicate nature. If you would prefer a print you can leave unframed, see my selection of postcard prints!

Artist Statement

The landscape of artistry on social media in the year 2022 is a bit like a dense, dark forest.

There’s a path, though it’s old and covered with weeds, and you keep losing sight of the stones in front of you. Constantly tripping on the roots that have crawled out of the shadows to waylay weary travelers.

There’s no light to go by other than the lantern you brought, which consistently gutters and threatens to go out. Every now and then a shaft of light will beam through the trees, giving you hope you’ve found a way out, or a clearing where you can rest. Then just like that, the darkness closes in quickly overhead.

You go on for years. You haven’t found your way out of the forest and you think you never will. You are close to giving up every day and turning back, and want to lay down to close your eyes and forget the forest exists. You long to go back to the life you had before someone told you there was a secret city inside it, filled with treasures. But still you press on, in search of something you may never find.

I made this piece to work through the frustration of the stranglehold social media has on the success of my art.

There’s always some game to play. Some hashtag I’m not using, some reel I’m not making. A piece I spent days or months on, that a computer decided isn’t worth anyone’s time. It’s maddening to have 24 thousand people decide they want to view my work, only for most of them not to see it at all.

I am grateful artists have these avenues they didn’t in past, and I’m not about to stop, but it’s exhausting. This year I am learning to just forge ahead the best I can through these seemingly impenetrable woods, but give myself time to rest along the journey 💕