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Alyssa Thorne

Dark Florals - The Classic Matte Sticker 4 pack

Dark Florals - The Classic Matte Sticker 4 pack

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  • Large 3’X4” size
  • Velvet matte
  • Vibrant print
  • Thick, durable vinyl
  • Tear proof 
  • Water resistant

Introducing a collection of stunning art stickers. Printed on premium vinyl, these stickers feature a velvety matte finish, ensuring they are free from any unwanted glare or shine. The thickness and durability of the vinyl make them resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they can withstand various surfaces and environments.

These stickers easily adhere to a wide range of surfaces, from laptops and notebooks to water bottles and phone cases. Use them in journaling, as gifts, or tokens of appreciation, sharing the joy of art in a tangible and affordable form.

The strong adhesive ensures they stay in place, even when exposed to everyday use and handling. Breathe new life into your belongings, with these elegant and durable stickers, infusing everyday objects with a touch of sophistication and artistic expression. 

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