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Dream of the Chrysalis - Giclée Art Prints

Dream of the Chrysalis - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

Sometimes life has ways of pleasantly surprising you.

Such as opening a bundle of blackberry vines to find a fuzzy little friend merrily munching the leaves. When shooting my recently released piece “Gilded Idyll” - I discovered this little caterpillar nestled in the leaves.

I love little unexpected moments like this. They let me experience genuine wonder and joy. I wondered how it came to be here and where it had come from. What kinds of things had it experienced in his short life?

Had it smelled the last traces of golden pollen on the breeze in late august? Tasted the rich soil and the sweetest, ripest raspberries of the season? was it hearing the steady beat of the earth vibrate throughout its tiny bristled body? Did it dream of the chrysalis, and of flying into the dark skies of September, free on the wind?

I’ll never know what this small creature had or will experience, except for the brief moment it was in my home. Warm, quiet, safe from the other animals. Just existing with me on a sunflower filled table.

I cannot change the past, and I don’t know the future of anything or anyone, But I can offer kindness in the present.

Something to think on today, and always.




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