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Blood and Ink - Giclée Art Prints

Blood and Ink - Giclée Art Prints

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Artist Statement:

Writing is a form of therapy for me just like visual art. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but necessary. I write how I feel, I write about my life and my struggles. My triumphs and downfalls. The wall between me and the reader is thin, transparent. Gossamer like a dragonfly wing. Words are a liminal space you can step into and stay for awhile. Sometimes that hurts. Especially when they are in the world out of your hands.

It is a lot to have people staying in your words like a house. A home full of beings coming and going and you never know when. It is painful to speak about things that have not been wonderful in my life, but I think honesty is important. Honesty can help heal.

So, I feel I pour my blood into the ink. All writers do whether it is “fiction” or not. Every fiction writer I know has at least a little of themselves in their writing. A small cut, but still enough to meld into words, into everlasting ink. So I came up with this piece to represent the blood red words of my soul and the dark, blackened ink of my pages. Fire and darkness, into light.

Dedicated to all the writers I know, forever Persephone, stepping in and out of the dark. Love you all.



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