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Azure Afternoon - Giclée Art Prints

Azure Afternoon - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

Weed your garden.

How else are we to fill our baskets of blooms? Beautiful flowers can only exist without the choking roots of invasive weeds, little tendrils that grasp and destroy.

When we garden, and a plant is not growing as expected, we do not force the flower itself to change, we care for it, and alter the surroundings it lives in. We give it more light, more water, more shade. We give it what it needs. If something is affecting it, like a weed, we remove it from the equation. Pull away the creeping vines, the sticking burrs, the seeds of sinister beginnings, and the blossoms stand tall and proud, confident in their health and beauty.

We are not so different from flowers. We need care as well, and most of the time it is our environment that needs changing, not ourselves. Think today, what is your weed? What roots are curling around you that need cutting? This is your sign to sever, so your basket can overflow

The Delphinium/larkspur represents love, an open heart, and positivity. Blue larkspur in particular symbolizes dignity and grace. I chose it specifically for this piece.



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