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A Song For Autumn - Giclée Art Prints

A Song For Autumn - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement

When I think of autumn, I imagine trees bursting with orange. Fiery bouquets at the market. A fog hanging heavy around their branches like a woolen shawl in the mornings. A stillness and potent calm in the air.

A comfortable settling of sorts. Cozying into our socks and our sweaters, as the cold creeps in and the daylight grows scarcer. We light fires to keep it at bay.

I also think of endings, of decay, of Death. The cyclical nature of humans, flowers, and trees.

In the fall, I view Death in the fondest way possible, like an old friend, come to greet us again. The reaper of autumn is a soft velvet shadow, who lovingly sends the leaves tumbling into the air, one by one. Sickle in hand, It threshes the flowers with an invisible blade, and they bend their backs slowly toward the ground. All return to the earth, to fill the soil with richness. Life will sleep there in the dirt until spring.

This year’s leaves and summer blooms may have ended their tenure, but they - and everything else on earth, are part of a cycle. Humans see a life ended as finality. An unavoidable ending. But as things end, so do others begin. We are not excluded from cycles. The seeds someone may have planted in life can bloom long after they are gone.  A seed: an idea, a kindness, a song, a painting, a child. All things can be planted into this earth to live again.

You are part of a cycle started so, so long ago. You are hundreds of lives, hundreds of deaths. You are millions of seeds that you have collected, and you will create your own to sow. Nothing on this mortal plane is ever gone in complete totality. In nature, from death, comes life.

We always live on. Where leaves and stems have fallen, something will grow.

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