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A Place at The Table - Giclée Art Prints

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 Artist Statement:

So many of my works are close to my heart, but this is one of my favorite and most meaningful pieces I’ve ever created. This was done in collaboration with my phenomenal friend Cabinet Of Curious Clay,  who made the pitcher. Doing things with friends is so special to me and the process is just so fun. I cycled through a few ideas for the item she would make and then we decided on a pitcher. I knew what I wanted it to represent. Pitchers were often used in classical still life to indicate hospitality or abundance.

In many families, cultures and practices the world over, setting a table for your loved one who has passed is a tradition. In western culture we often see death as fearful, silent, off limits for conversation. However, there is a lot of healing and normalcy to be found in welcoming your dead back into your life when you are able. Including your loved ones who have passed in conversation is more than remembrance - it can be a celebration of life and happy memories. This offers them a living place in your heart and your life. Not all talk of the dead needs to be somber, sad, and hushed.

This piece is part Memento Mori - Latin for “remember you will die”. In remembering someday that you will be the figurative ghost in the room, how do you want your legacy to be celebrated and remembered? Sad and closed off or open and celebrated? This is also a symbol of my personal hospitality for the dead. This cup and pitcher may be empty, but they still signal that my loved ones in death are welcome at my table anytime and will always have a place of honor.


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