Print Information

Anything listed in my main shop on an individual listing, is a Giclée print. These are are high quality, vibrant prints, produced on luxurious velvet matte paper.

The Giclée printing process results in stunning images, full of exquisite and luxurious detail. With seven dye-based inks (which offer a vast range of colors), this process retains even the finest elements of a given artwork. Since my photographs incorporate ample darkness and shadow, Giclée printing ensures that even the smallest details are captured, while offering a lower price point than an exhibition-quality fine art print. 

Giclee Prints are Archival - 100 years, 200 in dark storage.

All prints come hand stamped on the back, with a care and recommendation card, as well as my customary thank you postcard and a bookmark.

To order a 16 x 20 or larger of your desired print, click HERE

Anything over 16 x 20 is also available as a limited edition, signed, exhibition quality print. Complete framed works are also available, in addition to other ready-to-hang work. Available on request, by contacting me HERE