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Museum-quality, archival giclée prints, available in multiple sizes. made to order and printed in the USA on heavyweight, velvety-matte fine art paper, featuring a subtle watercolor texture.

For those who aim to experience my work as closely to my intent as possible, these prints offer the most immersive experience available, short of being present when I create it. If you think it looks lovely on the screen, wait until you see this print in person!

Why invest in an heirloom giclée print?

Outstanding longevity:

Each of my Heirloom giclée prints is created using certified archival paper and inks. With proper care and display, your print will maintain color and quality for up to 100 years in home display and 300 years in dark storage, enduring long enough to pass on to future generations of art collectors.

Exceptional color accuracy:

Utilizing 7 dye-based inks, giclée printing offers enhanced color accuracy via a vibrant, expanded array of printable colors. A wider palette ensures that my artwork is reproduced the way I intended it to be viewed: with vivid colors, rich blacks, bright whites, smooth gradients, and exceptional image clarity.


Matte fine art paper makes for an optimal, glare-free viewing experience. However, framing is a must in order to keep your print in optimal condition for years to come.

A full collector’s guide to caring for your new print, including the artist's suggested display methods, can be found HERE