The Gilded Tome - An Ending

You have chosen the “ Aurora Astralis” and the path of Wizard

Even though the gilding is faded, you feel drawn to this book and must know what it contains. You do not know why, but knowing what is inside is the only thought in your mind. Your fingers brush the tome, and you immediately fall asleep. You have the strangest dreams of an inky universe, giant planets, swirling gases, and pinpricks of light. You awaken in a different room than the one you started in. It is a stone tower with a terrace. A dark sky looms beyond the carved open windows. Stars twinkle in the distance, looking much closer than they should.

Floating lights dance around the room like cosmic pollen. A comfortable-looking armchair sits in front of a large table covered with books and what appear to be plans for a vast, ornate telescope. You sit down, and to your delight, it is the most comfortable chair you have ever sat on. You look at the book, faded and forlorn. Was it simply a passkey to your new home? You begin to feel a little disappointed. You gingerly place it on the table and begin to doze off again, one hand blithely resting on the cover. The starlight streaming through the window finally finds its mark. The tome hums with energy under your hand then begins to shake. You awaken sharply, just in time to see it transform. The worn old book sheds the illusory magic coating it, particle by particle, rising and dissolving into thin air. It begins to shimmer, like the undulating aurora in the northern snowlands.

You saw an illustration of the aurora as a child and think of it frequently. The book finally stops shaking, and with the concealing enchantment removed, you see this book has heavy, engraved covers made of shiny metal. Prying open the ornamental clasp, you see there are only two pages. They are black as if you are looking at space through a glass window. Running your hand over the page, the contents appear. Etched on top as if encoded in the glass, silvery letters, constellations, planets, and stars rise to the surface. Most of the scientific wizardry of the previous ages had been lost in a devastating worldwide war, and the world as you know it was rebuilt by the survivors. Very few relics remain, and this is one of them: a compilation of ancient celestial wisdom. Your beaming face illuminated by the starlight; the known universe presents itself to you in these two pages.

You have always dreamed of the sky and studying the secrets within it; however, your family was not wealthy, and you could never attend the Astralarium college in your neighboring city, the only one of its kind. You knew this was your heart’s wish, and it's as if the book chose you. Losing yourself in the book’s pages, Hours pass by in minutes. Hours turn to days, and days give way to years. No matter how fast you turn the pages, the book does not end, and you decide to study it while you travel. Many pages contain curious spells that you have practiced alone in the tower. You are confident you will be safe with these new abilities.

You are determined to learn everything there is to know about the universe, and you know you must leave this room to seek the company of other scholars. Leaving the tower, you return to the library entrance you entered so many years ago, the book and the telescope blueprints under your arm. The librarian is waiting for you, a knowing look on her face. She hands you a small card with "Scientia Sit Potentia" written on it. “Knowledge Is Power”.

The librarian is awfully fond of Latin. You take it with a smile, knowing this is just the beginning of your journey. You never return home, as it has been so long in the outside world that you are around 300 years old, though you haven’t aged a day. You travel to the biggest city you can find. You will become a renowned celestial magiscientist (the most revered form of wizardry your world has to offer) and live out your great many days comfortably in a beautiful house on the highest hill, looking at the stars with a magical silver telescope.

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