The Book of Music - An Ending

You have chosen “The Spellsinger’s Compendium“ and the path of Bard

A lifelong lover of music, you reach immediately for the book of music. The song looks weird, but you can’t play anything or carry a tune and assume you just can’t read it. Music is woven into your core, and you can’t imagine a life without hearing it, even if you cannot make it yourself. You find yourself suddenly standing in a silent concert hall within the library, instruments of every kind covering the stage. You aren’t very adept at reading sheet music, but you decide to look at the book. This music, weird as it is, turns out to be very easy for you to read and play. You learn a new song with every page you turn, and the book’s magic resonates deep within you.

You already knew deep down that you were meant for music, and after the book imparts you the magical gift of song, you can play any instrument, including your voice. This overjoys you, and you leave the library as soon as you know this to be true, your voice echoing beautifully down the hall. The librarian smiles as she listens to your tune fading out of the door behind you. After you leave the library and return to the world, strange things happen whenever you sing or play a tune. You begin to learn that you can control music as a magical weapon. You can change the emotions of others, conjure illusions, and wield sharp songs just as well as any barbarian’s warhammer in battle.

Your voice can calm the wildest of beasts, soothe the angriest of hearts, and form soundwaves into swords. You have become a bard, the sacred guardian of melodies. You are young and with a taste for adventure, quickly you rise as the most famous bard in the kingdom, Traveling to every corner of the world. Eventually, you tire of slaying dragons and fighting evildoers with your music. For a change of pace, you open a residency in the capitol, where you perform most nights to a dedicated audience.

The maidens love you, and your hand is always cramped from signing autographs. You live a long and happy life, creating meaningful, beautiful music beloved by all around you. You decide to retire from show business around age 60 and live the rest of your days in a lovely house on a lake. Thrumming your mandolin on the dock every morning at dawn, enjoying your well-deserved peace. You befriend the local druid and often have them over for tea, even though they leave dirt everywhere. You sweep it away with a spell from your flute and kindly never mention it to them.

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