A Bundle of Redcurrants - An Ending

You have chosen the “Truthseeker’s Crimson” and the path of Ranger

You find yourself whisked outside the library, holding a few redcurrants back at camp. Confused and a little disappointed, you sit down to make some supper. Time must work differently in the library, for the campsite looks as if it has been there for a month, untouched. There is no food but the currants, and they look inviting. You are worried about what they will do, but you have nothing else to eat. You look at the fruit again, and it seems to glow, vibrant red showing vividly through the thin, glasslike skin.

As you pop the handful of berries into your mouth, the flavor is divine, and although you see yourself glowing from within for a few seconds, you don’t seem to notice that they do anything specific. When you reach the next town and look around at the other people, you will begin to realize that consuming the enchanted redcurrants has infused you with the gifts of genuine insight and perception.

The uncanny ability to see the hidden intentions and emotions of others. You see it as if it were painted on them like the stain of redcurrant juice. You use this to your advantage and help keep innocents in your path safe from harm. You were guarding towns, tracking thieves and monsters. The more you come to trust what the magic of the currants has revealed to you, the more ruthless you become with those who are evil. For every life you save, there is one taken from an evildoer, and your life is a constant balancing of scales.

You remain on the fringes and in the wilds, living out your life as a vigilante ranger. You find true purpose in this, but you are always alone, for when you step back into civilization to gather supplies, there is altogether too much red in your purview.

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